is it spring yet?

For most of the day yesterday it was so sunny and beautiful ... but cold! I mean, I'm not going to complain. This winter has been quite mild where I live, we had no ice storms or anything, so that was nice (sorry east coast). It's been so mild that the mountain I go snowboarding on has only now just opened, remember my 'mountains are calling' post? Well, they finally got snow, and hopefully this coming weekend my man and me get to go for a little trip and do some snowboarding.

However, I am so looking forward to spring weather, and also that time of year. Everyone just seems so happy, and fresh! The tree's get their beautiful green leaves, and the flowers start to blossom. It's still a bit aways, but I've been dreaming of warmer weather wear, which brings me to my 'is it spring yet' outfit inspiration.

warehouse pretty lace top

cut off jean shorts
I'm not too sure where this particular pair are from but this is for sure a staple spring/summer wardrobe item.

jewel mint shark tooth stud earrings
These are so cool! I would love to get my hands on a pair of these... or maybe learn how to make something similar.

madewell tote

taupe booties

angel face botanicals flower healing bath salts

matter outdoors lip balm

emily hart photograph
Here's a photo I took a little while ago in January, you might remember my post on the matter. It was such a gorgeous day and my friend and I ended up in tank tops it was so warm! I hope to spend a lot of time here soon - soaking up those rays in the springtime sun!