DIY - customized notebook

I love taking notes - I keep a little notebook on me at all times. They are great for jotting down little reminders, thoughts on blog posts, or if I want to sketch a design. I like these moleskin ones because they have a little pocket in the back. I was at chapters picking them up and I spotted this rose paper tape and fell in love. Throughout my little shopping adventures I've found I've collected a lot of these paper tapes so, instead of just using them as tape the regular way, I decided to do something fun with them. Here is one of my uses - customize a notebook.

you will need
- paper tape
- notebook
- scissors

to make
- attach tape to one side of the book, you can do it on a diagonal, up and down, or side to side
- when you are wrapping the tape around the book be sure to fold it over the binding when the book is closed, this way your book will stay closed after the tape is applied
- attach some tape on the inside of the front and back cover to hide the outside tape ends