currently craving

1•  anthropologie gold bodum (french press)
I am a coffee addict! I currently use an electric coffee machine, which is great because all I have to do is grind the coffee and press go. But I just thought this one was so pretty! Great if it's just me that day. 

2•  anthropologie flotilla booties
I like the cut outs in these ones, adds a little something different. 

3•  lomography diana 55mm wide angle and close up lens package

4•  lomography diana slr adaptor nikon mount
I thought this was just the coolest thing, being able to take Diana lenses and put them on your SLR camera. I am able to put my old lenses from my Nikon EM (Nikon F lens compatible) and use them on my DSLR, obviously with manual focus only. Anyway, they turn out some really amazing photographs. So this would be super cool to try. 

5•  aveda damage remedy serum 
I use a lot of aveda products, face and hair included - I just love the smell and the feel of them. My hair is pretty curly and quite dry (I used to dye it a lot), so this would be great. I haven't dyed it for quite some time now, almost a year! I'm pretty proud of that. 

6•  calypso st. barth throw
I have so many throw blankets around, something like this would be a nice addition to my collection. 

7•  paris photo via
I have been watching a lot of movies set in Paris lately... makes me really want to go there. I went when I was 15 on a class trip, but I was super sick. I was so sick that I actually lost my voice. I was in french immersion so I can speak french, and I was super excited because here I was somewhere foreign where I could speak the language... but physically couldn't. It was horrible. So one day I must go back, and be sure not to get sick.