aveda dry remedy oil

I went and got a hair cut the other day at an Aveda concept salon. My hairdresser was fantastic. I'm always afraid when I go in for a trim that they end up taking way too much off, but she took off just enough to get rid of the split ends, while keeping the length. She used this aveda dry remedy oil on my hair, and I liked it so much I went and picked up a bottle. I feel like it is nourishing my hair and strengthening those ends.

My hair is naturally quite curly, but I'm not a huge fan on styling it that way, so I blow dry it and use a hot iron -- which causes a lot of damage. I think that this damage remedy oil is helping. You can use the oil when your hair is wet, dab into palm and run through your hair, or you can use it on dry hair to get those strays. I use a couple drops before I blow dry my hair, and then a bit more after I've styled my hair. I like putting it on when my hair is dry to get those stray hairs, and I find I can concentrate it on those ends a bit better. Plus, it smells great. I love that classic Aveda smell.

I read up on this damage remedy oil and it is made with 99.9% naturally derived plant or non-petroleum based products and the main ingredient that helps to hydrate is buriti, also known as moriche palm tree. It is a very large palm tree found in the South American swampland. I was curious to find out more on this fruit oil, and found some interesting things.

It has...
- high levels of Vitamin C + A
- very rich in Beta-carotene
- high in essential fatty acids
- improves skin elasticity
- reduces redness
- offers sun protection from UV rays
- filter and absorb cancer causing UV rays
- used to treat burns and sunburns

- the fruit is used to make jam, juice, ice cream and fermented wine.
- the oil is extracted from the pulp and is used in a multitude of ways.
- the inflorescence (stalks with fruit) buds are eaten as a vegetable.
- the sap can be consumed as a beverage fresh or fermented to make wine.
- the threads and cords are used to create fibre.

The Brazillians call it 'the tree of life' because it has so many amazing properties. The entire tree is used in production: it bares fruit and has this nourishing oil that helps protect the body. I did find that it is home to many animals in the region, and that they depend on this tree to nest in and eat the fruit. I can't help but wonder if using this oil is going to ruin the ecosystem in the area. However, I have found some information saying that there are communities that manage the natural buriti groves by cutting and removing the small and dried stalks with fruits. You can read more about it all here.

If you know more about this oil I would love to learn more. I think it's important to find out where our oils and food come from, and that we all need to be aware of what were consuming.