the dresses - the grammys 2014

Yay another red carpet post!

I've been watching some re-caps of the Grammy's and there were some great performers. I thought the collaboration between Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar was amazing. Imagine Dragons would be so cool to see live!

Here are some looks I thought could use a mention from the Grammys.

Taylor Swift in Gucci

This gown is so elegant, and I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles. 

Ciara in Emilio Pucci

The detail to this gown is amazing, I love the gold print. Pucci is know of his prints after all. 

Anna Faris in Fitiani

I thought Anna looked so good here. I love the simplicity of the dress, as well as the wonderful detail around the waist and hip. 

Side note: I just watched "I Give It A Year", the other day, and I thought she was so funny - she is a hilarious actress.