outfit inspo - stay warm

As you may know, I live in Canada. But not your stereotypical cold Canada, I live on a small island off the south west coast and it rarely ever snows. It can get cold, but rarely. When it does get cold though, like 5°C (I'm a wimp, that to me is cold), I like to dress the part, obviously. I have a coat quite similar to this one here and it keeps me toasty warm. 

A good pair of boots is always good to have too. It sure does rain a lot here, so having a boot that is rainproof and warm is essential. 

I love these heat warmers, I call them hot pockets. They are great to have when going snowboarding, or just if we go for a long walk and I want to keep my fingers warm. 

And now my favourite thing, wooly socks. I get mine here, well at least I used to. They don't seem to have them on the website anymore. Maybe I bought them all. Anyway, they are fantastic. I always seem to have cold toes in the winter, so these are awesome. 

parka from here
isabel marant agathe beanie in greytrotters snowflakes III bootieurban outfitters colorblock oversized eternity scarfjack spade fingerless mittens

What are your favourite items to keep you warm?