outfit inspiration #2

staple - black pant

I think a good pair of black skinny jeans is a great staple to any wardrobe. Especially if they are super comfortable. Personally, I like a pair that is mid waist and has the perfect amount of stretch (too much stretch and you have to hike them up all the time, and that can be awkward). I like these ones. Do you have a favourite black jean?

rag & bone booties
because I absolutely love booties like these. I just can't get enough.

marc by marc jacobs globetrotter calamity rei
I have the classic q natasha, which is great, but can't hold my laptop, so this one would be nice.

essie blanc
A white nail, when done correctly, looks very chic (that's right I just said chic). I highly recommend this one, I already have it, use it, and love it.

nixon kensington watch

tildon stone statement necklace