jennifer lawrence - inspiration

Photos from W magazine.

Isn't she beautiful. So, I first read the Hunger Games books after I had bought them for my boyfriend to read when we went to Hawaii a couple years ago. They were entertaining, engaging, and super exciting.

Then, when we got back to Canada we hear they are being made into movies, I guess we were a bit out of the loop. When I saw Jennifer Lawrence play Katniss, I knew they had found the perfect actress to portray her. What I envisioned the character to look like, and act, was down to a T. When books become movies there is always criticism from the readers. It's hard for an actor to portray a character from a book when the reader has their own idea of what the character is like.

I haven't been to Catching Fire yet (I have a projector at home, which I much prefer, rather than watching new films at out little movie theatre on the island: the chairs aren't raised, and I'm short, so if I don't want to get a crunched up neck and sit anywhere but the front row, all I see on the bottom of the screen are the backs of people heads), so I'll have to wait until its out on DVD, I'm excited.

But that's not the point. I want to talk about Jennifer Lawrence, she seems fantastic. I mean I've never met her, so I can only base my ideas of what she's like from interviews and such. But I do believe her oscar was well deserved for 'Silver Linings Playbook'. She seems funny, witty, and I just found this article that makes me laugh. Plus this photo-shoot is great, she looks beautiful, and I love the styling and setting. These photos are in the latest issue of W Magazine, "The Movie Issue". I'll have to go pick it up. I still love reading the actual magazine, even though I know most of the content is online. It's just such a great feeling opening up that magazine, the smell, the glossy pages. I subscribe to Vogue and every month when it comes I get so excited. And I love being the first one to open it, make the first crease. Do you still read magazines?