happy 2014

Now I know it's been a week since we've started 2014, but I thought I'd write a post on it anyway. The start of a new year symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter. With that, many of us shoot for new years resolutions. I do see this somewhat as a good idea, however, I think that one should not wait for a Gregorian Calendar to decide weather or not to START those resolutions. Why not start right now. I started my 'resolutions' mid December of last year. I think that taking a look at your life and seeing what you would like to focus on, adjust, is a good way to move forward. 

So here are a few of mine...

Exercise. Maybe it's on the top of most peoples lists, but I actually have got into quite the routine. I started not just so I would be fit, but I find that on days I exercise I have way more energy throughout the day and get way more done. Plus, the endorphins are great and I'm much most positive.

Focus. I tend to get side tracked way too often when working on a project. At the moment I work for myself, which is great, but sometimes I put off projects because I have no one hassling me to get something done. A friend of mine, whom carries my clothes and jewelry at her store, gave me a deadline, and I did it (well almost, I might had been a day or two late). But still, I got it done a lot faster than I would have normally. Now I must give myself deadlines.

Clean, organize, declutter. I cleaned out my entire bathroom the other day. I found that I have way too many products. There are three shelves in the cupboard, and my boyfriend's stuff fits on half of one. Mine, all the others. I have too many products. Enough different and similar things to last probably the whole year. Do you ever find that you buy a product, kind of like it, then see something better and think, maybe that will make my skin flawless. Well I do, and lets just say that I need to stop. So my goal is to use up everything I already have, it's great, I just have to give it a chance. 

Hydrate. My hair, skin, and body. I must drink more water. My solution: I have this mason jar with a lid and straw, I find I drink so much more water that way. Also, this wonderful thing called coconut oil, great for the hair (I massage it into the ends to help those almost dead ends, that way my scalp doesn't get too oily). I got this moisturizer from Aveda, it's a bit pricy, but I absolutely love it. I use very little, just a dab around the eyes, and my T zone, so it should last a long time.