DIY Rose + Argan Oil Face Mist

I came across a recipe for Rose Water Face Mist and fell in love. I have a fairly pink complexion and this helps tone it down. My skin is also really dry, and even more in the winter, so I added argan oil, which makes it even more hydrating. I spray this on at night after I wash my face, when I wake up in the morning, or after a long run and need to cool down. 

Rose Oil helps to...

- hydrate
- tone down scars
- minimize wrinkles
- aid in burns
- help with rosy cheeks
- and much more, you can read more here 

Argan Oil helps to...

- hydrate
- has anti-aging properties
- reduce inflammation
- and much more, you can read more here

you will need...

a spray container
1/2 c. water
20 drops argan oil
20 drops rose oil

to make...

pour water into container, drop in oils, shake, spray

(now you can add more oil if you prefer, I found this is the perfect amount to make it not too oily, but still get the great benefits)