DIY mini jewelry holder

DIY mini jewelry holder - great for stud earrings and rings

This is super easy to make and can be made with recycled materials or stuff you find around the house. 

you will need...

dense cardboard - found in packaging for photo paper or it can be bought at most craft supply stores

fabric - 6 ½" x 11" of your choice of fabric (I used a hemp and cotton blend)

craft paper - 7½" x 9" of paper you would like the jewelry box to be covered in

foam - 5" x 10" in total or five 5" x 2" strips. This can be found in packaging, but can also be bought at craft supply stores. This one is 1/4" thick. 

you will also need...

- fabric scissors
- double sided tape
- fabric chalk
- exactor knife
- pencil
- scotch tape
- ruler
- paper scissors

First you need to make the box.

1. draw a 7" x 5 1/2" rectangle
2. trace 1" in from all sides
3. make little tabs on one end of each side
4. cut it out like the photo above
5. skore all the blue lines then fold away
6. tape the sides to one another folding the tabs inside

7. wrap the paper around the cardboard box - to make it easier cut diagonal slits from each corner of the paper to each corner of the boxes dimensions.

Second - the inside 
8. cut five 5" x 2" strips of foam

9. the fold in half and tape together

Third - put it all together

10. lay down double sided tape inside the box
11. place four foamie's in the box
12. where the last foamie goes lay down the fabric
13. lay down a piece of double sided tape on top of the fabric

14. put in the last foamie
15. then wrap and push in the fabric around each of the foamies
16. you can use your scissors to squish in the sides

17. voilĂ