around the yard

The other morning my property was surrounded by fog. It felt so mysterious and melancholic, but yet beautiful. There wasn't much colour in the originals and I felt that I should take it away completely. I used to (I still do somewhat) take black and white photography with my Nikon EM SLR and develop the film in a dark room. I miss those days. I don't have access to a dark room now, otherwise I would probably take a lot more photographs with that camera. It's just not the same taking the photo and not being able to adjust and develop it myself. I liked that I could play with the exposure, the shadows, and crop out what I didn't want to show.

I've been really getting into playing with photoshop, but only just starting, there is so much to learn. Photography has always been such a huge passion of mine, and since I've started blogging regularly it's something that I have been doing a lot more of. I must say I'm absolutely loving blogging, and I hope you're enjoying it too. Please don't be afraid to comment, like, share, or follow the blog.